Covid 19 Response

From 1st September 2020, Kate Burton Mathematics will resume a modified school improvement service.
Kate can be contacted via email and phone in the usual way.
How the customer service will be affected:


One-to-one and meetings requiring up to 3 people will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines (see below), but may also be delivered remotely, where necessary.


Where numbers of attendees exceed 3 people (e.g. a staff meeting), and where it is necessary for people to physically attend, the 2 metres social distancing separation should be maintained at all times (subject to any changes in government guidance).
To avoid transmission during meetings, pens, documents and other equipment will not be shared by Kate Burton Mathematics. Any required documentation (e.g. Powerpoints and handouts) will be emailed prior to the meeting.
Schools will be required to provide hand sanitiser, good ventilation and signage to help people maintain social distancing. Typically, this will apply to meetings and face to face sessions in school.
In order to reduce the risk of transmission between staff, meeting delivery times will be reduced to 1 hour. This will not affect the amount of content to be delivered, but Kate will not be offering face to face discussion opportunities within the meetings, in line with the mitigating actions guidance.

How employees will be protected

I will follow the host school’s established responsibilities and procedures (e.g. new routines for signing in on arrival).
In line with government guidance on working in indoor environments, Kate Burton Mathematics ask that the school keeps the record of our entry and exit.
All of the above is subject to change, in accordance with government guidance.


Grange Park Primary School

“An extremely productive day working with Kate to develop a whole school approach to the progression of reasoning. We were also able to look at developing child-friendly steps towards becoming an ‘Expert Reasoner’. Kate always goes above and beyond in the support she provides and it is greatly appreciated..”

– Joe Foley, Grange Park Primary School

Hadley Learning Community

“Using the Stylish Solutions CPD, the ‘Why, why not, what if’ approach I have been implementing in Year 5 is going well and pupils are strengthening their problem solving.

From the Clear Expectations for Number course, the whole EYFS team are now improving their maths curriculum – thank you for such great resources and ideas!”

– Sarah Parkin, Subject Leader for Maths, Hadley Learning Community (Primary phase)

Randlay Primary School

“Kate always makes everything so straightforward and fun that I often wonder why I didn’t think of it myself. However, I am certain that the success of Kate’s training is due to the exceptional ability she has to share her incredible depth of knowledge with others in such an inclusive and accessible way. Brilliant as ever. “

Kirsty Parkingson – Randlay Primary School

Newdale Primary School

“Kate has worked alongside our teachers for many years now and we can say with confidence that her input and support contributes significantly to fantastic outcomes for all our pupils.

‘Pupils of all abilities make excellent and sustained progress across the school standards in reading , writing and mathematics are well above national figures at the end of key stages 1 and 2.’ Outstanding Ofsted report 2017

The CPD provided by Kate is outstanding – she understands the demands of being a classroom teacher and allows teachers to use her ideas in such a way that brings the best out of not just them, but of all the learners in our school. As a school, we always look forward to the sessions that we know Kate will be delivering. They are personal and unique to our setting and Kate really takes the time to understand what we as a school need.

‘The curriculum is packed full of exciting activities that fire pupils’ imaginations and lead to success.’ Outstanding Ofsted report 2017

Our recent Outstanding Ofsted and our statutory data highlights the high standards in Maths demonstrated across all phases of our school and there is no doubt that the CPD and support that Kate has offered to us was instrumental in firing the imaginations and confidence of our teaching teams in Maths.”

Rachel Cook – Head Teacher, Newdale Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

“Kate’s training sessions are interactive and accessible to all staff. Her passion for mathematics is truly infectious and spreads across the whole school team. Training is always tailored to meet school needs and reflects current national priorities.
Kate’s subject knowledge is second to none and staff, who have attended her training, are motivated and inspired to take their new learning back to class to share with their children.
Alongside delivering CPD, Kate has worked individually with staff using lesson study to develop problem solving and reasoning. Staff have always welcomed the opportunity to work with Kate; she is hands on, supportive and successfully develops pedagogy across the whole school team. As a result of working with Kate, impact has been significant, with improved outcomes in mathematics evident in every year group.”

Joanne Shepard Subject leader for maths, Woodlands Primary School

Newport Junior School

“I have found the support and guidance offered by Kate to be nothing short of outstanding; her approachable manner along with in depth subject and curriculum knowledge has enabled me to greatly develop my own teaching, as well as sharing new practices with colleagues.
Kate has provided continued support in my step up to mathematical leadership and has fully equipped me with the knowledge, confidence and desire to succeed in this role.
I have always found CPD led by Kate to be informative and rich in ideas and resources which can be used to drive progress within school. It has been a privilege to have worked with Kate on so many occasions and I look forward to continuing my working relationship with her in the near future.”

Max Jones Newport Junior School

Newport CE Junior School

“I would not hesitate to recommend the support Kate can offer for Mathematics. She is extremely professional, approachable and highly knowledgeable about the curriculum and best practise in teaching and learning. The support she has given to us has been invaluable in raising standards and ensuring high quality learning provision for our children.
Kate has supported teachers with planning and the subject leader with driving forward the curriculum offer; her skills have enabled us to ensure we offer a rich Mathematics curriculum.”

Nicola Moody Head teacher, Newport CE Junior School